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Stewardship & Science


We use space age technology to insure healthy catches: global positioning systems to determine locations, sonar to determine mass of schools and infra-red sensed real time oceanographic charts to determine the arrival of a biomass.

A good example of using science to assist in a fishery can be found when looking at the beginning of mahi-mahi season and attempting to determine when the “run” is on.

Historically, we know that the mahi-mahi season begins in Panama sometime in November and that the fish work their way south as December approaches. The question remains when to start fishing them.

We know that mahi can be found in water that has achieved a temperature of 27 degrees Centigrade and that these gradients can be found in swirls and eddies off the coast. Using satellite technology, we can pinpoint the locations where these temperatures exist and better manage our fuel expenses.

Look at the chart below for an example.