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Frigolab or Frigoríficos y Laboratorio, (Refrigerated Space and Laboratories), is located in Manta, Ecuador, a seaport of significant impact on world markets for tuna, sword and mahi-mahi.

The Chief Executive Officer of Frigolab is Bartolomé Fernández Avellaneda, who has over 30 years of experience in the harvest, handling, processing and marketing of the above named species. The 42 thousand square foot facility is 18 years old and can process in excess of 50 thousand pounds of product in a single day, all under state of the art conditions designed to minimize the growth of micro-bacteria and extend shelf life. Frigolab pays a higher wage than competing plants, suffers almost no turnover and is recognized for the excellence of it’s product and workforce.

The Mission of the company: “Satisfy The Demands And Needs Of Our Customers” is understood and worked toward by every member of the team, from porter to CEO. Frigolab defines the term “fully integrated” with the ownership of 42 trawlers, dockside facilities, the processing plant and the ability to work to a specification and place fresh or frozen seafood product anywhere in the world. This is a plant that understands its customers because it communicates with its customers.