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Our dockside plant is located 5 miles up the Bayano river in Puerto Coquira, placing it adjacent to the rich fishing grounds of the Eastern Pacific with easy access to air and sea transportation to world markets. Principal species are snapper, corvina, grouper, mahi-mahi, swordfish and tuna.
The 287 associates who fish for and operate this 26 thousand square foot plant to do so at First World standards. Plant throughput is 30 thousand pounds per day of finished product, fresh or frozen.

Productos Oceano's fleet consists of 37 modern trawlers with self contained refrigeration units and all operating at or above industry standards. They are serviced and kept fishing by our own shipyard, located adjacent to the plant.
The Mission of the company: “Satisfy The Demands And Needs Of Our Customers” is understood and worked toward by every member of the team, from porter to CEO.